Let go of proving, people-pleasing, and perfectionism

Break free from expectations, guilt, and "should"

Work less and create more impact

Live your truth



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Beyond Perfect is for you if...

  • You have tendency to take on too much and a hard time saying no
  • You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about your to-do list
  • You like being an achiever and getting things done, but you feel the weight of having to get it all right all the time. You always feel like you should be doing more and trying harder
  • You're tired of doing what you "should" do, but you don't want to disappoint anyone
  • You don't know what YOU actually want. You haven't stopped to ask yourself that question in a long time
  • You keep thinking it's going to get better, but it never does. You keep thinking your workload is going to lighten up and you'll FINALLY be able to slow down, but it never does
  • You're grateful for everything you have and you feel like that should be enough, but you know something is missing
  • You're CRAVING the time and space to take a breath. You want to enjoy your life - and keep making an impact and advancing in your career
  • Something has to change, but you don't know how to make that happen

"Through Beyond Perfect I have found freedom in choosing to live in alignment with my chosen value system rather than by the expectations of society, family, or tradition. Beyond Perfect was a truly transformative experience for which I am eternally grateful. "


 Here's what you can expect to get as a result of this program:

  • Having more time to spend on yourself, your friends and family, and high impact work - because you'll say no to the unimportant work and won't spend 90 minutes writing a single email (we've all been there!) 
  • Quieting the inner critic and stopping the cycle of self-criticism
  • Getting comfortable saying no and "disappointing" others
  • Knowing what YOU want - not what your boss, parents, spouse, kids or 25-year-old self wants, but YOU, right now, at this point in your life
  • Caring less about what other people think and more about following your own rules for work and life
  • Speaking your mind and having the confidence to rock the boat when needed
  • Creating a higher impact by delivering the right work - and saying no everything else
  • Bringing your authentic self forward and really letting her shine
  • Feeling like what you're doing is enough - feeling like YOU are enough
  • Experiencing more joy, peace, relaxation, and FREEDOM

Nina's Story...

"Free. Confident. Happy. I am an individual who overthinks, everything. I want to ensure everyone around me is happy because if they are happy, I can find happiness. I tend to put a significant amount on my plate because I don’t know how to say no, and I find myself apologizing a lot; even when what I said is exactly what I felt and thought. If I sound like you, this course will help you. Beyond Perfect encouraged me to DIG DEEP and let go of my incredibly exhausting and society sculpted definition of perfection and success. What I’m taking away from this program are those three words at the beginning this paragraph: Free. Confident. Happy. I make choices that put my happiness first, I apologize less, and I live more. Beyond Perfect helped me redefined myself for me, rather than living my life for others and the way they see they world. Beyond Perfect, aka: Heather Whelpley, gave that to me and she can help you dig deep too."


My story....


Official Bio:

The video is my personal story - here's my official, professional bio: Heather is a coach, speaker, and author that guides women to let go of proving, pleasing, and perfecting and create their own rules for life. Her first book, An Overachiever's Guide To Breaking The Rules: How To Let Go Of Perfect and Live Your Truth, was published in September 2020. Heather has led in-person and virtual workshops on imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and creating your own rules for success with thousands of people at Fortune 500 companies like Deloitte, General Mills, and Boston Scientific, as well as non-profits, universities, and professional development conferences. Prior to owning her business, Heather worked in a wide variety of leadership development, human resources, and change management roles at Cargill and Ameriprise for ten years. At Ameriprise she led several programs to accelerate the development of high performing women. Heather has extensive global experience, including living and working in Australia and Latin America. She has a master’s degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. 

Heather has worked with:

Everything you get when you enroll in Beyond Perfect:

  • Three months of life-changing support 
  • Twelve group calls to answer all your questions and get coaching on specific challenges - held at rotating times to accommodate all schedules. 
  • All calls recorded so you can access them in you own time if you can't join live - or want to listen again!
  • Weekly videos and exercises you can do completely on your own time
  • Ongoing access to all content after the program ends
  • A copy of my book, An Overachiever's Guide To Breaking The Rules: How To Let Go Of Perfect and Live Your Truth
  • Private Facebook group just for this program where you can get all your questions answered directly by me in a totally safe space
  • Community of women that really get you and are totally supportive. You don't have to live up to anyone else's expectations here. You don't have to perfect. You can be the real you

A $50 donation will be made to Girls Are Powerful for each person that enrolls in Beyond Perfect

Girls Are Powerful is a Minnesota-based non-profit dedicated to enhancing the self-esteem of all girls by inspiring them to recognize and embrace their natural qualities of being beautiful, unique, smart, confident, determined and powerful. I've worked with Girls Are Powerful on multiple occasions and they are doing amazing work!

Sneak peak at the full curriculum...

Why now?

It's a hard, uncertain time. You're taking on roles you've never had to do before. I've heard from many of you that you feel like you're failing at everything right now. I've heard that you need to let go of some of the expectations you have for yourself - or else you're going to go crazy. I've also heard that you want to make a difference and see real change in the world. 

THIS is why you need this program now. It is a perfect time to redefine yourself and the impact you want to have. And you need the tools and support to do that. You need a community of women just like you. You need to take a breath and give yourself a break. You need to forgive yourself for not doing this all perfectly. Let's create a revolution of women changing the world, one unhurried step at a time.

More Client Stories...

"I have taken Beyond Perfect at a point in my life where I seemingly ‘have it all together’ yet inside still feel insecure and questioning if what I am doing and who I am is ‘good enough.’ I feel great that I now have the strategies to continue on my personal journey of growth and comfort knowing that yes, I am enough! I highly recommend this program. "


"I have more time for myself and my family and I feel more relaxed than I have in years! If you are an overachieving perfectionist that can’t seem to get off of the hamster wheel of being over-worked, you need to talk to Heather."


"I have always been very driven and achievement oriented – my mom used to find to-do lists in my room when I was little. I felt like I had to work hard ALL of the time and be constantly productive. Working with Heather I learned to slow down and let go of the feeling that I had to do everything myself and it all had to get done NOW. Not only do I feel better, but people around me have noticed as well. I share my voice with more confidence at work - and get recognized for it. I'm not as afraid to ruffle feathers anymore. I can be authentic and ‘powerful’ at the same time."


"Working with Heather is such a delight. After a year of feeling stuck and disengaged, she was able to help me orient myself toward my true North Star. And with her amazing insight and toolkit of skillful means, it happened so fast! For anyone seeking what’s next and frustrated with the spinning, know that there is an answer—likely already inside of you—just waiting to be seen. All you need is Heather to shine the light. She’s a game changer!"


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll get an email from a few minutes after enrolling with a questionnaire to fill out so I can get to know you better and a short pre-work reflection called "Giving Yourself an A." I know we're all overachievers here, so I wanted to get grading out of the way right at the beginning :) 

Yes, it is a 12-week program. You will get an additional module on "Bringing it all together" at the end that is not listed in the curriculum sneak peak. I  also build in two weeks with no new content so that you can absorb it and not feel rushed.

The weekly group calls are 60 minutes long and will take place on Zoom (I know - we've all had A LOT of Zoom lately, but it's the best for this! I've been using it for years.) I'll lead the group through different reflections and exercises at the beginning of the call and then we'll open it up to what YOU need to be coached on. You'll have the opportunity to get coached directly by me and get ideas and feedback from the other women in the program. I've facilitated group calls like this for years and participated in them many times and they are super powerful.

The group calls will be scheduled at rotating times each week to accommodate different schedules. I will decide on the times for the group calls after I look at the time zones of all the participants and then communicate all group calls at the beginning of the program so you can block your calendar and reserve the time.

All group calls will be recorded and shared in the Facebook group, so if you can't make it live, you can listen at a time convenient for you.

Group calls start the week of September 28.

Each week you'll get a video from me and some type of exercise to go deep on the topic. That exercise might be a journaling activity, a practice to use at work, a visioning exercise, or a guided reflection. I will also share additional resources in our Facebook group based on what comes up in the group and what you need.

All of the weekly exercise can be completed in your own time. I recommend doing them before our group coaching each week, but if you miss, that's okay. You can always catch up.

Forever! Okay, probably not actually forever, but you will still have access after the program ends. And if I add to the course library in the future, you'll have access to those new materials, too.

You'll have access to a private Facebook group just for members of this group throughout the program. This means you don't have to wait for our group calls to get your questions answered - You can tag me in any post and I'll get back to you and share my insights. We'll also check in on your progress for extra accountability and celebrate your successes! And, most importantly, you'll have a group of women who get the proving, pleasing, and perfectionism - and are also freeing themselves. They'll understand you and support you. You don't have to be perfect in this group. You don't always have to say the right thing. You can let the walls come down and just be you.

You'll have full access to all program content and the weekly group calls without a Facebook account. The Facebook group is there for extra support between the calls. Some participants choose to be very active in the Facebook group and others aren't as active don't want to have a Facebook account - it's completely up to you.

Maybe! Other women in Beyond Perfect have been sponsored by their organization. I have a one-page overview of the program that you can send to your manager, HR, etc and I'm happy to provide any documentation you need. Email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the overview and answer any questions right away.

Yes, this program takes time. I also know it will SAVE you time in the long run. You'll get time back because you'll say no more often and do two drafts instead of five. You'll realize you DON'T actually have to check email every night at 9:00pm.

I've also designed the course with busy people in mind. The group calls are at rotating times to accommodate multiple schedules. If you can't make it live, you can listen to the recording. All the exercises are done completely on your own time.

Also, this is a little tough love, but I'm going to say it anyway. If this is important, you will find the time. And if it's not a priority right now, that's completely fine, too. No guilt needed.

YES! This program is for women who want to let go of proving, pleasing, and perfecting and live their truth. That is the glue that binds us all together. It doesn't matter if you work for a huge corporation, non-profit, university, or own your own business. It also doesn't matter if you're a parent, married, single, where you live, or anything else like that. If you identify with the bullet points towards the top of the page under "This program is for you if..." - then this program is for you.

This program is aimed at women. If you identify as non-binary, you are more than welcome to enroll as well.

Men - I know many of struggle with the same challenges, but you'll have to find a different program to fit your needs.

Yes, definitely! Reach out to me at [email protected] and I'll answer your question via email if it's short or we can set up a call to discuss.


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